Wholesale Voice

A wholesale voice is a telephone number used for telemarketing. Most telecommunication service providers offer wholesale voice service. This is a service where many people can connect in a conference call for a fraction of the cost. Our offerings include mobile termination, wholesale SMS, and mobile data.

Yevoip is a secure and reliable wholesale voice service. However, It offers low monthly pricing and long-term contracts, which make it attractive for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Also, We provide a variety of dial plans, toll free numbers, and calling cards at rates up to 70% less than the leading carriers.

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Quality of Voice

Yevoip provides you with unlimited voice calls and text messages to any destination in the world. Also, You can also take advantage of our meager rates to call or text your friends, family, and business partners anywhere in the world. However, Our mission is to offer high-quality and low price wholesale telephony service for our customers. Similarly, We are confident that we can fulfill all your requirements with our revolutionary products.

Uses of Wholesale Voice

Wholesale Voice is a wholesale VoIP service provider. Also, They provide cheap international calls with crystal-clear connections. However, We provide everything you need to start a cloud-based app, customizable scripts, and 24/7 support when you join our network. Also, we put the security of your business first, so you can rest assured knowing we protect your data and adhere to industry standards. It is a way to use the Internet to make cheap phone calls worldwide. However, Wholesale voice is for small businesses, franchises, retail, and petite companies who want to use their existing phone system. Unfortunately, wholesale services are most often associated with telecoms. As a result, they are prone to price wars that can easily be won by prominent players who have economies of scale. Also, This has led many small businesses and startups to avoid wholesale calls.
wholesale voice
wholesale voice

Benefits of Wholesale Voice

Yevoip is the VoIP platform that creates a virtual PBX in the cloud, allowing businesses to access unlimited phone lines, manage employees and connect them with targeted customers. Also,  It offers free calls a wide range of features such as voicemail and call forwarding and allows for low-cost international calling. In addition, we offer low rates, high quality, and free setup – making us the perfect alternative to traditional phone service providers for all businesses.

Yevoip is a wholesale voice service that provides customers with free calling and calls between users on the network and call forwarding that allows you to call other networks for free. Also, yevoip offers local, long-distance, and even international calling plans made to meet each customer’s specific needs. However, Our rates are always competitive and affordable no matter what part of the world you travel to.